Hammerspace is Thrilled to Receive This Industry Recognition

Why Do You Need a Data Orchestration System

Data access to applications and users is not interrupted when moving data to new locations across a hybrid or multi-vendor storage environment.

  • Non-Disruptive Data Movement never requires updating application or user connections to their data
  • Automated Data Placement driven by objective-based policies
  • Storage Platform Agnostic to enable using any infrastructure without requiring data migration

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The Hammerspace Difference

Data is at the foundation of how our society connects. Healthcare research, space exploration, autonomous vehicle development, and interactive online gaming are only possible when innovators have access to massive quantities of data. Hammerspace enables read/write data access to any user and any application, in any data center or any cloud, anywhere. Break your data free from the constraints of storage systems with a Global Data Environment.

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Modernize Your File Storage and Data Services for the Hybrid Cloud Future

According to Gartner, “I&O leaders struggle with growing demands of unstructured data and want to revamp their existing storage, leverage hybrid cloud integration and migrate data to the public cloud.” 

“Gartner saw more evidence of new products not just adding tiering or backup to the public cloud, but also enabling new use cases to leverage public cloud for data rendering and analytics and enabling application data orchestration between on-premises, edge and public cloud locations.

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